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  • What type of Investments do EverRealty has to offer?
    EverRealty only offers Investors opportunities in Real Estate, we do not work with stocks or any other type of Investment.
  • In what can I Invest and what is the usual minimum amount?
    The Investment options that we have to offer are: 1-Purchase of units to be rented. 2-Partnership in Hotels already producing cash flow. 3-Limited Partnership in Multi-Family construction projects. 4-Limited Partnership in Hospitality construction projects. 5-EB5 Visa in any of the currently available projects certified by the government for EB5 visas. This is for foreigns who want to achieve permanent residence in the United States by Investing. The usual minimum amount varies from project to project, but a good estimate would be between $100,000 - $300,000 for a 1% equity. Although, some projects may require a minimum of $500,000.
  • Are all the investment options that EverRealty offers from EverRealty?
    No, we do offer the opportunity to Invest in our own construction projects, but we also offer the opportunity to Invest in projects of our partners. It really depends on the project you want to Invest. For more information, you would have to make an appointment with us at our offices.
  • Who manages the Real Estate?
    It depends on the project and the type of Investment. We do offer property management, but it is not in every location.
  • How can I obtain more information about EverRealty´s projects and how to Invest?
    You can make an appointment with us, directly at our offices. To request an appointment please visit the "CONTACT" section of our website or you may also call or email us.
  • What type of Visas do EverRealty offer for foreign Investors?
    EB5 Visas only, you may request an appointment for more information about how this Visa works, the Investment and the process.
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