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Property Management

Miami-dade /Broward / Palm Beach /Orlando, FL

Our signature, all-included property management provides you with a first-class service at the lowest cost. From tenant qualification to delivering reports we’re here for you. Our team is very glad to attend you and show you all the benefits of hiring us to do the work in the most efficient way.

Why go with EverRealty?

Our First-Class cutting-edge Service

By having EverRealty as your property manager, you won't have to worry about any of the issues that may arise from managing a property because we will handle those for you, for example: emergency repairs' calls, evictions, contracts, paying real estate taxes, market rents and anything that would keep you from sleeping. At EverRealty, we take care of everything for you.


EverRealty stands out from other property management companies for being the only company in handling everything related to your property for the same price as any single Realtor would charge!



Leases: we make sure to have approved and up-to-date leases in place for each tenant, we also have an in-house person with legal background to review and adapt each lease to our clients needs.


Rent Collection: for the convenience of both, Landlords and Tenants, we automatize rent payments through different software depending on each client, including late payment's fees.


Real Estate Taxes: even though some clients actually prefer to do it themselves, we include this as part of our service and make sure to pay these promptly to avoid extra fees, so that our clients don't have to worry about absolutely nothing.


Repairs: we rely on our repair's team to handle every property repair the right way. We demand Invoices and pictures from every sub-contractor that work for us.


Maintenance: at EverRealty, maintenance is key. We keep our client's properties up-to-date to avoid major repairs and always get the highest rents possible. ​

Tenant Screening

Having good tenants and even better tenant-relationships is essential in generating cash flow from income-producing properties. A bad tenant, even with the highest rent in the area, can cost our clients much more. Hence that we check everything about prospect tenants and choose them wisely.


Criminal Records: the first thing in our check-list to approve tenants. Checking a prospect tenant's criminal record is our front-tier tenant screening method.


Evictions: eviction records are our second-tier screening method, a tenant with recent eviction history is definitely an alert.


Credit Background: our search report for every tenant includes not only their credit score, but we also check their credit history and FICO score for any delinquency. ​


What could possibly be more annoying than having properties for rent and receive that annual call from your accountant asking questions about bank transactions and statements? probably nothing. By hiring us, you can forget about this because our service includes:


Book keeping: we will register every transaction with details so that when the moment of filing your tax returns comes, everything will be ready-to-go.


Monthly Reports: we understand the needs and concerns of our clients, which is the reason why we prepare professional and easy-to-understand reports with all the information about the properties and their behavior, including invoices and pictures of repairs so that you can check your property's performance is as little as 15 minutes a month.


Statements: you need a profit/loss statement of your company, not to worry, give us a call and we will have it ready for you in a 3 by 2.

Marketing Strategy

The only thing worst than having a bad tenant or not be ready to file your tax return is having your property vacant and still having to put-up with those monthly payments. That is why we make the biggest effort in marketing your property so that it is vacant the least possible amount of time.


Sign in property: perhaps the most classic method of advertisement, yet one of the most effective. Where available, we will install, free of charge to the Landlord, a rent/sell sign.


MLS: publishing your property out for rent in the Multiple Listing Service for Miami Association of Realtors is a must on some properties while is not so effective in others, we will advise and make the best decision in any case.


Major websites: almost a die-for requirement. We will list your property on every major rent website available.


Email marketing: as you may have noticed if you're subscribed to our mailing list, we are constantly sending emails to different lists. We will advertise your property to prospect tenants and realtors to get you a new tenant as soon as possible.


Social media: the most common source of advertising now-a-days, we will advertise some properties through our Instagram page, now with 10k followers.

Rent Increases

What can make you happier than Rent Increases? probably more Rent Increases.


Market Study: at EverRealty, we are committed to provide you with the best service. We will constantly review the rents in the area of your property to be sure you're getting the most out of your investment property.


Rent Increases: by knowing the market rents of the area of your property, we can make sure we are renting your property at the highest possible. We always increase rents every time a Lease is renewed and, we may advise you in renovations that will ensure an increase in the rents.


Google Review 5★

"Luciano is very easy to work with. Never had a single issue and the condo was very well maintained. very professional group."

Google Review 5★

"Luciano and Roberto are extremely professional and attentive. They respond to inquiries promptly and give each client their full attention. I very much enjoyed living in one of their properties!"

Google Review 5★

"Great investment options, construction projects, awesome returns, thanks a lot! roberto and luciano are super nice and helpfull!!"

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